good coffee, simplified.

Brother In Law Coffee Co. is a young coffee roasting company based in Wollongong, Australia. Founded in 2011, we’ve been steadily building a loyal customer base, selling retail bags of coffee and building a reputation for good quality specialty coffee beans.

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    We search all around the world for the freshest and best green coffee beans. Did you know coffee is a fruit? We source beans globally to ensure your coffee is always fresh, no matter the season.

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    We roast in house in Wollongong, Australia, making sure the beans are always perfectly done.

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    Then we pack your coffee, ready to go. Use a french press or filter? We can grind the right courseness for your method of choice. Or, you can get whole beans and grind them fresh everyday.

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    Finally, we deilver your coffee straight to the door of your home or business every week, so you know it’s always fresh and always top quality.

meet the brothers in law



Mitch is the genius behind our coffee. He has worked as a barista and roaster for several years, gaining valuable skills and experience, and a strong knowledge of what goes into making a good coffee, as well as what it takes to run a cafe.

He’s a gun barista, just ask him to pour you a tulip (or a heart, rosetta, swan, or whatever else you can think of!)



Not a great barista, but a graphic designer and avid coffee drinker. He is responsible for the marketing, packaging and production of all our media. As well as this, he’s quickly learning the art of coffee making, and is committed to excellence in every area of the business.