Scott only appears in Sydney & Melbourne

Tony Robbins’ #1 Trainer and world-leading expert on Wealth Psychology

Scott Harris is a Wealth & Personal Performance Strategist & Coach who has worked with many of the world’s most influential forces such as Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki and T Harv Eker.

Having taught his own wealth psychology & strategy seminars and led intense business development programs; Scott’s range of content & expertise is both wide & deep. He is deeply committed to coaching as a powerful tool for causing massive shifts in people & creating lasting results. He ‘ll show you how you can effectively share your expertise coaching, mentoring and inspiring onstage while getting paid what you’re really worth.

For over 20 years Scott has worked with Tony Robbins at his biggest events the world over and has presented Tony’s ‘Life Mastery’ & ‘Wealth Mastery’ programs.

With coaching clients including members of BRW’s Rich 200, Scott can show you how to:

  • The tools, techniques to communicate your expertise as a coach, leader & mentor
  • The strategies to influence & move prospects & teams towards taking action
  • Developing the psychological edge behind wealth & success
  • Overcoming fear and uncertainty to achieve next-level results
  • Take massive immediate action to get what you want – NOW